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Alleviating the Symptoms of Text Neck with Chiropractic Care

Written By Dr. Jay Brodwyn & Associates on November 14, 2017

Are you guilty of spending a lot of time using electronic devices, e.g. tablets, cell phones, and laptops, constantly looking down to view what’s on the screen? 

Then you could be one of a growing number of people suffering from text neck – the latest epidemic to hit the health industry. 

As revealed in Dr. Hansrai’s research, this extensive use of technology is putting our spines and necks under a lot of pressure. For example, our heads weigh up to 12lb when they’re in a neutral position, but when we tilt them forward to 60 degrees, this weight can increase to 60lb. 

This demonstrates why text neck is a growing problem, but is it something you’re showing the symptoms of? And if so, what steps can you take to cure it? 

Are You Suffering from the Symptoms of Text Neck? 

Text neck comes with a number of symptoms, which predominantly relate to a sore or painful sensation in the neck. Severe muscle spasms or harsh, nagging pains are also commonplace when the condition worsens. 

Some patients have also noted pain or tightness in their shoulders, while others have experienced shooting pains that run down their arms. The latter are neurological symptoms that arise as the result of a nerve being pinched. 

What Can Chiropractic Do for You?

If these symptoms sound all-too familiar to you, you should seek the advice of your chiropractor in Columbus as soon as possible. They’ll be able to offer you a fully-tailored treatment program that will alleviate these symptoms. 

The best thing about chiropractors is they don’t just offer massage therapy and manual adjustments that target the areas affected by text neck, as they also provide in-depth lifestyle advice that help prevent the condition from returning. 

These lifestyle changes include how to use technology while preventing your head from tilting forward, how to correct your overall posture, and how to keep your spine in a healthy, neutral position at all times. 

By undergoing chiropractic treatment while practicing these exercises in your own time, it’ll help eradicate any of the symptoms induced by text neck, and will also enable you to put all of the necessary steps in place to make sure the condition doesn’t return in the future. 

Want to know more about how chiropractic could help prevent those painful symptoms you’ve been suffering from? Then why not schedule an appointment by calling 706-563-3370 today? 

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