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The Benefits of Visiting Your Chiropractor as an Athlete

Written By Dr. Jay Brodwyn & Associates on December 4, 2018

Whether you’re a die-hard runner or an avid golfer, when you’re an athlete an injury can have devastating consequences on your well-being, health, and lifestyle. 

From feeling stiff after training to wishing you could improve your performance, there are so many reasons why it makes sense to visit your chiropractor as an athlete. 

Let’s find out how they can help with sports injuries, sports enhancement, and sports injury prevention. 

What Benefits Do Athletes Get from Chiropractic? 

1. Realignment of the Body 

By using chiropractic adjustments, chiropractors are able to ensure your body is correctly aligned and any tension is eradicated. 

Flexibility or mobility issues may cause these misalignments, or one side of your body may be stronger than the other. Your overall movements will be improved through manual adjustments and your risk of injury in the future is reduced because you won’t need to compensate for your weaker side. 

2. Increased Range of Motion 

Chiropractic can restore natural movements, helping reduce tension in your neck and back. In turn, this should remove any pain you may have. 

It will also improve your performance, as one study of college football players undergoing chiropractic found. Equally, if you’re a golfer, it can improve your drive and swing.  

3. Improved Healing 

The natural healing processes of your body are often hampered by inflammation, muscle spasms, and misalignment. And when you’re an athlete, these symptoms are more likely. 

Chiropractic helps boost the recovery of your tissues and muscles while helping them effectively heal. 

4. Better Strength 

As an athlete, strength is imperative and this is something else chiropractic can help with. For example, one study found that after just 3 chiropractic sessions, judo athletes enjoyed 16% better grip strength

What Sport Injuries Should You Visit Your Chiropractor With? 

Chiropractors see a wide range of ailments and injuries on a day-to-day basis, including common conditions among athletes such as: 

  • Golfer’s elbow

  • Tennis elbow

  • Ankle, knee, or hip strains and sprains 

  • Hand, wrist, shoulder, or elbow strains and sprains 

  • Shoulder pain

  • Sciatica 

  • Back or neck pain 

  • Headaches 

Enjoy Sports Injury Prevention, Too 

As well as all of these conditions, your chiropractor can also help ward off future injuries. So even if you’re not suffering from an injury, your local chiropractor can help keep you fitter and healthier while improving your sporting performance. 

As the team chiropractor for many Georgia teams, we’ve got the know-how to help you recover from sports injuries while enjoying improved performance levels. Book your appointment today at 706-563-3370.


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