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Why is Physical Therapy a Beneficial Shoulder Injury Treatment?

Written By West Georgia Regenerative Medicine on February 4, 2019

Suffering from an injury to your shoulder?

Then you’re probably finding that even the simplest of tasks are painful and debilitating. Even something as easy as reaching into a kitchen cupboard or picking your child up can be a painful, impossible feat. 

That’s why you need an effective shoulder injury treatment – physical therapy. 

A Shoulder Injury Treatment Without the Need for Surgery 

When your shoulder injury doesn’t ease over time or starts to get worse, visiting your local physical therapist in Columbus allows them to find out what’s caused your injury. Then, they can put together a specialized care plan for you.

They’ll examine the mobility and strength of your shoulder, carrying out several tests that allow them to find the root cause of your pain so they can treat it. 

Once your treatment program is established, they’ll talk this through with you. It may include therapeutic modalities that work to control your pain and any inflammation. And you may also need to do exercises at home that help increase the strength and range of motion in your shoulder. 

Will this work? 

According to one study, compared to other shoulder treatments, e.g. corticosteroid injections (CSIs), physical therapy is far more effective. After the treatment, less than 40% of patients needed to go back to their therapist while 60% of the CSI group had to. 

Aiding Your Shoulder Injury Pre- and Post-Operation 

Even if surgery is a necessity for your shoulder injury, physical therapy can still help. 


By improving your recovery time

Studies demonstrate how using physical therapy before your surgery helps build up your shoulder strength so it’s better able to heal. And it’ll improve and strengthen your recovery afterward as well. This means you’ll need to visit your doctor far less and will be able to return to those daily tasks quickly and with ease. It also reduces the risk of bad habits or over-compensating while you’re recovering. 

Furthermore, if you continue to visit your physical therapist even after you’re discharged, it can help keep future problems and injuries at bay. 

Keeping Your Shoulders Healthy for Many Years to Come 

Your shoulders are integral to many daily movements which is why they’re so prone to injury. If you take the right approach toward your injury and rehabilitation post-surgery, it’ll help keep your shoulders mobile and strong for many years. 

For a shoulder injury treatment you can trust, get in touch with our specially-trained team today at 706-563-3370.

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