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Work Injuries: How Your Job Slowly Kills You

Written By Dr. Jay Brodwyn & Associates on July 29, 2019

Man in need of chiropractic for a work injuryWhen people think of work injuries, they tend to imagine construction workers and manual laborers.

While those types of injuries are indeed serious, no job is immune to repetitive use injuries.

It’s important for all workers to take a proactive approach to posture and musculoskeletal health to avoid injuries on the job and maintain good health. Routine chiropractic care can help.

No Job is Immune to Repetitive Use Injuries

Over 2.8 million Americans reported a work injury in 2017. A majority of reported injury cases come from production and manufacturing jobs where the injury is often sudden and very obviously attributed to work.

In many cases, however, injuries go unreported because workers may not believe the pain qualifies as a job-related injury. Carpal tunnel syndrome, keyboard fatigue, neck pain, back pain, eye strain-induced headaches, and other conditions stemming from computer use or sitting at a desk all qualify as repetitive use injuries.

Although these workplace injuries take longer to develop than others, that doesn’t mean they aren’t serious.

Experienced and Drug-Free Recovery from Work Injuries in Columbus, GA

Your Columbus, GA chiropractor wants you to avoid injuries in the first place. The doctor will evaluate your medical history, current pain, and x-rays before developing a personalized treatment plan that targets your injury at its source.

The experienced doctors at Brodwyn & Associates have over 60 years of combined experience treating workers of all industries from athletes to receptionists. Your treatment plan will typically include a customized combination of chiropractic adjustments, spinal manipulation, physical therapy, and lifestyle tips.

The goal is to help you recover from your pain as soon as possible and avoid future injuries in the first place. Most insurance plans cover chiropractic care for work-related injuries.

Take a proactive approach to health today. Contact Brodwyn & Associates to schedule an appointment by calling 706-563-3370.

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