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What To Expect - Your First Visit and Beyond

Upon entering our office the first task to be completed is the paperwork. The good news about this is you only do it once. This will help us in understanding your problems and in reaching solutions to correct them. Then we will talk one on one about your condition and the goals you want to obtain. From there we will progress to thorough examinations and regional x-rays only if needed and deemed medically necessary of which we follow strict guidelines. This will help us in finding the cause of your problem, some of which might be nerve, disc, structural or muscle. Once complete, depending on the intensity of your problem, we may place you on therapy to try to give you some temporary relief. Then you're done - all in the span of about an hour.

Later that day or the next day, (we don't want you to be in pain any longer than necessary) we will give you our report of findings. We will again sit down together and share with you all the things we found out at your first visit. You will know why you hurt and what we will do together to achieve good health and no pain. We will give you relief by correction - find your problem and correct it, making you feel better. We will not just cover up the pain with medicine. The best part is you will be cared for by chiropractors, medical doctors, physical therapists and neuromuscular reeducation therapists.

Dr. Jay performing an activator adjustment on a patient

Dr. Mike performing a full spine adjustment on a patient