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Stem Cell Therapy vs. PRP Injections: What to Expect from Both Treatments

Written By West Georgia Regenerative Medicine on September 21, 2018

When it comes to regenerative medicine and boosting your body’s own healing abilities, you may have discovered both stem cell therapy and PRP injections. 

But which is better? And what is the difference between the two? 

We take a look at the two treatments below, explaining what they treat and how they work.

What Is Stem Cell Therapy and What Are Its Benefits? 

Stem cells are pretty smart. 

They have the ability to transform themselves into a whole host of cells, including tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. 

That’s why stem cell therapy is used to treat a variety of conditions, from multiple sclerosis and autism to rotator cuff tears and osteoarthritis. 

For example, when used to treat shoulder pain, these stem cells provide anti-inflammatory properties while also encouraging the growth of new cartilage and lubricating old cartilage to aid mobility. This, in turn, can prevent your need for surgery, treating an area that may have been described as “beyond repair” in the past. 

What Are PRP Injections and What Are Their Benefits? 

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are another type of regenerative medicine used to treat a multitude of ailments, including sprains in the knee or ankle, osteoarthritis, and shoulder pain. 

These types of injections offer a long-lasting solution to these conditions, and unlike conventional pain injections, they don’t wear off with time. 

This is due to their ability to encourage the natural processes of your body, just like stem cells, which helps your body tackle and treat what’s causing the pain instead of just masking it. 


When you sustain an injury, the first cells that are sent to try and help are platelets because they help initiate the healing process by stimulating the growth of new tissue cells. But when this process doesn’t work as effectively as it needs to, PRP injections add more platelets to this area to significantly increase your body’s growth factor. Thus, it helps alleviate pain, heal the area, and reduce inflammation. 

Which Treatment Is Right for You? 

Whether injections containing platelets or stem cells will be more beneficial to you is entirely dependent on your pain, medical history, and condition. 

Thankfully, as both of these types of treatments are available at your local chiropractor’s office in Columbus, your chiropractor can recommend the best possible treatment for you. 

Want to know more? Then give us a call at 706-563-3370 today to speak to our friendly, helpful team.

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